Essential Oil

A Simple Guide to Finding the Right Essential Oil for You

Todd Warwick

Essential oils have become one of the trendiest alternatives for self-help remedies and aromatherapy solutions. It has proven itself effective in providing comfort and relaxation to those who need it, much so that some have become the go-to choice of people who would like to continue their weekend therapy sessions no matter what.

Many people are still unaware of the techniques that will help them choose the suitable essential oils for their needs; that is why they may still need to take note of the following questions below and answer them in the most honest way possible.

1. What Is Your Preferred Scent?

As much as possible, you should always choose the ones you like the most. People often prefer those with a soothing and calming scent; this is usually the case with lavender, chamomile, and sandalwood. On the other hand, some prefer floral scents that are more feminine; this includes rose and lilac.

Meanwhile, some are into peppermint and eucalyptus's fresh yet masculine scent. Pick one that would work best for your preference.

2. How Are You Going to Use It?

It would be best to consider how to use the essential oils in question. You may want to use this as an aroma diffuser to make your environment feel more relaxing, or you may wish to inhale the scent directly. It all depends on your needs.

Just look for the variant that will help you achieve that.

3. What Is the Purity Level?

Essential oils can get a bit too costly; the last thing you would want is to purchase one that is not pure. It would help if you always bought those with a high purity level.

To ensure that what you are buying is high quality, it would be best to go through the product's reviews first. You should also check the date of manufacture; the newer, the better since this means that it still has all the natural components.

4. Is the Oil Organic?

Organic essential oils may be more expensive than traditional ones. Still, it is worth paying for this option since you are assured of the absence of harmful ingredients, such as pesticides and fertilisers. The organic ones are also safer for pregnant and have kids.

5. Are You Familiar with the Precautions?

Essential oils are powerful substances that can cause some side effects if you are not careful enough. Some can irritate the skin, especially if yours is sensitive. Also, they can be harmful if you ingest or inhale them in large amounts.

6. Do You Have an Application Method?

All essential oils are not meant to be used the same way. Some are better used with a diffuser, while others may require diluting it with something else. Take note of the application methods so you can get the most out of your essential oils.


Essential oils can help a lot of people who need comfort and relaxation. But with the many choices that you have today, it can be hard to choose one that may suit your needs. If you have been having a hard time finding the correct variant to buy, try to take note of the tips that we have mentioned above and see the difference they make.

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