Aroma Qualities

A top middle note, therapeutic grade Juniper essential oil has a piney and fresh scent with similar resinous notes to Frankincense. Diffuse with a refreshing blend of conifer and citrus essential oils for an upbeat and optimistic mood. Used by the ancient Greeks and Romans, burned as incense to repel bugs and cleans the air. It was also used by the First Nation people of America and in Tibet.


Juniper essential oil breaks up congestion either in a diffuser with citrus oils or piñon pine or in a diffuser necklace, a drop in your palm, or on a cotton. Juniper essential oil can support the respiratory system for cold, flu and congestion; help clear infections, reduce swelling, soothe sore muscles and can be rubbed into cold hands and feet for that end of day cozy feeling.

How to Use

Use topically during infections, to soothe aches and pains through massage, in a carrier oil such as almond, coconut or jojoba. In cold or swollen conditions, Juniper essential oil can bring warmth and encourage circulation in joints, muscles, and connective tissue. Add Juniper essential oil to chest rubs or body butters.


Potentially irritating to skin


Our mission is to provide easily accessible, real, 100% pure, therapeutic grade, sometimes organic, always tested essential oils, whilst demystifying the art of aromatherapy. We believe you can benefit from the therapeutic qualities of essential oils and blend creatively. Boswellia is a growing collection of essential oils and aromatherapy supplies, jewellery and diffusers you can trust.

Juniper Essential Oil - Juniperus Communis - 15mL

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