Aromatic Qualities

Kunzea essential oil is a medicinal, soothing and comforting middle note, similar to eucalyptus. Along with Eucalyptus and Rosalina essential oils, Kunzea is a precious native Australian plant that has a valuable place in First Nation Australian medicine to soothe tired muscles and joints.


Respiratory support, clears mucus and congestion, clears sinus headaches due to allergies, colds and flu; calms inflammation, repeals insects, soothes sore muscles and inspires relaxation.

How to Use

Blended with Rosemary ct. camphor, Kunzea softens and aids in releasing headaches in an inhaler, diffuser or worn in aromatherapy jewellery. Kunzea essential oil pairs well with Cedarwood to restore and revitalise. Kunzea essential oil repeals bugs.


Don’t use for children unless diluted


Our mission is to provide easily accessible, real, 100% pure, therapeutic grade, sometimes organic, always tested essential oils, whilst demystifying the art of aromatherapy. We believe you can benefit from the therapeutic qualities of essential oils and blend creatively. Boswellia is a growing collection of essential oils and aromatherapy supplies, jewellery and diffusers you can trust.
Kunzea Essential Oil - Kunzea ambigua - 15mL

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