Aromatic Qualities

A heavy, rich, earthy and sweet, this slightly warming, base note is Patchouli essential oil, which according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), directly affects the Yuan or Source level Qi. Versatile and complementary with many other oils. Once experienced, it is never forgotten.


Patchouli essential oil is famous for skin care and relaxation, calms the heart, relaxes the nervous system and supports digestion. Famous for skin care and relaxation, Patchouli essential oil is nourishing and restorative, calms inflammation and irritation. A few drops can complements Chamomile, Palmarosa, Neroli and high peel oils to ground a blend. Patchouli essential oil has strong anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-microbial properties, so is often used in cosmetics (e.g., deodorants), incense, perfumes, soaps and cosmetics. Use to calm anxiety coming from digestive trouble.

How to use

Diffuse alone or in a blend, add to aromatherapy jewellery, inhale from the palms or cotton or add to cream bases or carrier oils for its therapeutic healing properties.


Generally safe for pregnant women, avoid during breastfeeding as it can pass into breast-milk.


Our mission is to provide easily accessible, real, 100% pure, therapeutic grade, sometimes organic, always tested essential oils, whilst demystifying the art of aromatherapy. We believe you can benefit from the therapeutic qualities of essential oils and blend creatively. Boswellia is a growing collection of essential oils and aromatherapy supplies, jewellery and diffusers you can trust.

Patchouli Essential Oil - Organic Pogostemon Cablin - 15mL

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