3300 3500

Boswellia's very own concept of naturally infused beads that contain no synthetic fragrances.

ROSE GARDEN SCENT: A cool scented breeze from a garden filled with mostly roses, other flowers are also there hiding among the roses take a deep breath to find out more.
BOSWELLIA DIFFUSER BEADS: A mixture of natural essential oils gives these beads their scent which they exude as they are naturally dry. Being water-based and non-toxic, you can safely dispose of them once they shrink and dry out.
DIRECTIONS: Our beads come in a resealable zip pouch to keep them fresh. Take out some to fill your vase or open container and place it in the space you wish to fill with the aroma. If you have some left, don't forget to re-seal the pouch so they don't dry out.
Not to be consumed.

Rose Garden Diffuser Beads - Our Own Made
3300 3500

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